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VW Case Study 17: Volkswagen Passat Coolant Pump Replaced

Mr. Wong is concerned that his Passat is thirsty for frequent coolant top-ups. He dropped by our workshop for a check for the coolant pump. Our Eagle eyed technician spotted coolant leaking. Out goes the failed coolant pump (left) and the happy sight of the new one (right) which is ready to switch places. We […]

VW Case Study 16: ​Volkswagen Engine Overhaul. Done In A Day

The Volkswagen staggered to Revol Carz Garage ready for engine overhaul. The customer’s interest is our top priority. We swung into action immediately so that the owner could get his car back sooner. Shackles and lifting chains are ready and in place; ready to gently unseat the engine. The engine has been professionally lifted onto […]

VW Case Study 15: Golf A7 Air Compressor Replacement

Kelson’s drove his Volkswagen Golf to our workshop complaining about the air conditioner making him sweat under his collar. It was an issue about the air compressor. Following extensive tests and investigations, it was narrowed down to replacing the air compressor. Kelson was pleased that he got his car back within the day.

VW Case Study 14: Head and Signal Lights Module Replaced

Mr. Ben ’s Volkswagen Golf A7 encountered headlights and signal-lights electrical haywire issue. A systematic scan and tests were required on all probable sources to zero-in the causes. Noted – no malfunction in the wiring. We should look into the other possible cause suggested in the scan. Checking the fuse box to no other issue […]

VW Case Study 13: Mechatronics Failures, Replaced In A Day

Any avid fan of Volkswagen would rant about their experience with mechatronics failures.  The term, “Mechatronics” derives from a combination of the words, “mechanics” and “electronics”.   In the Volkswagen Scirocco, the mechatronic module is structured with the electronic transmission control unit, sensors and hydraulic control unit as one compact unit. The clutch and gearbox units in […]

VW Case Study 12: Misfiring Issue, fuel injectors replaced

Mr. Jeff Wee had recently replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs in his Volkswagen Touran by another workshop but that did not solve the persistent vibrations whilst driving. He then sought our second opinion for a solution.In such circumstances, it is advisable to have your car diagnosed by professional mechanics. The Volkswagen Touran is […]

VW Case Study 11: Oil seal replacement on Volkswagen Passat

VW Case Study 11: Oil seal replacement on Volkswagen Passat. Mr. Amit BMW 318i visited our workshop with concern having to see oil stains on the floor after parking. VW Case Study 11: Our experience BMW technician discover the leak from the flywheel oil seal. The gearbox need to be dismantle before the flywheel oil […]

VW Case Study 10: Trouble-shooting In A Day, New Fuel Pump

VW Case Study 10, Fuel pump issues: Mr. Tan was having difficulty starting his Volkswagen Passat and he drove up to our garage for trouble-shooting. Mr. Tan’s Volkswagen Passat arrived at Revol Carz Garage with engine start up issue. The car is lifted for trouble-shooting. A Fault code in our scan revealed a faulty pump […]

VW Case Study 9: Volkswagen Jetta driveshaft replaced

If your car is emitting unusual sounds during the drive, there could be many causes that an experienced mechanic is able to troubleshoot – like a failed driveshaft needing a replacement. Mr. Ang was referred by a friend to our garage for troubleshooting disturbing noises coming from the front of his car. Mr. Ang visited […]

VW Case Study 8: Battery fault code -Alternator Replacement

Mr. Wong’s Volkswagen Jetta was flashing “battery” fault code. We advised him to drive to our workshop immediately before the battery power is totally depleted. Immediately on arrival at our workshop, our Volkswagen team swiftly proceed to check on the cause. It takes an eagle-eyed expert to spot the failed alternator. Excessive oil leakage into […]

VW Case Study 7: Engine fault code- boost valve replacement

Ms Rozi was alarmed that her Volkswagen Scirocco flashed “Check Engine” warning code. There are several possibilities for the alarm code and the correct way to pinpoint the source is doing a computerized scan. The computerized scan revealed several fault codes. Our competent Volkswagen team orders a turbo pressure boost valve replacement to effectively resolve […]

VW Case Study 6: Air Matic Replacement. Finished In A Day

Lewis’ stunning Volkswagen Phaeton arrives at Revol Carz Garage with air-matic issues.The Authorized Dealer had earlier advised him to replace both the air-matic and air pump. He decided to seek a second opinion with us as his COE has only about two-year validity. The failing airmatic at the driver’s side has caused the car to […]

VW Case Study 5 – Cheryl’s Volkswagen Golf for ABS pump replacement

VW Case Study 5 – Cheryl’s Volkswagen Golf for ABS pump replacement Is this scenario familiar to you? Ms Cheryl’s Golf flashed the “ABS Error” fault code on the dashboard and she made a distress call for our assistance. In generic scenario, replacement of the ABS sensor should resolve the issue. However, the car also […]

VW Case Study 4: Oil Change, Replaced Battery and more

Mr. Toto sends his Volkswagen A7 in for a scheduled oil change service. The car is lifted up for a 360 degree safety check. Our eagle eyed technician spotted a leak in the mechatronics. Replacing the gaskets in the mechatronics costs a fraction of the price of the whole component and it makes prudent sense […]

VW Case Study 3: Control ARM Bush Failure, Replaced in A Day

A Volkswagen Passat with failing Control Arm Bushings pulled up at Revol Carz Garage today. Mr. Lek’s was concerned that his Volkswagen Passat was emitting loud rattling noises from under the car when driving. Our team of Volkswagen experts sprung into action to locate the source of the unwanted noise which was later found out to […]