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Volkswagen Case Study 55: Golf regular maintenance with brake check

Make a stop at Revol Carz Garage for a regular Brake performance inspection. The Volkswagen Golf is on a regular maintenance servicing schedule at Revol Carz Garage and would like to have a check on it’s brakes.

Volkswagen Case Study 52: Tiguan squealing noise and engine overheating issue resolved!

If your Volkswagen Tiguan taunts with an unusual squealing sound, an accurate diagnosis at Revol Carz Garage could save you money and engine damage. The Volkswagen Tiguan owner was prudent for pulling up at Revol Carz Garage for diagnosis of unusual squealing noise and engine overheating.

VW Case Study 49: Sharan Aircon Compressor Replacement

Disconcerting noise from under the Volkswagen Sharan. Could it be the ailing air-conditioner compressor groaning? This Volkswagen Sharan urgently pulled up at Revol Carz Garage with symptoms of a bad air-conditioner compressor.

Volkswagen Case Study 45: Touran Coolant leak issue.

Coolant leak is a common occurrence when the vehicle is not regularly maintained. Coolant is known as radiator fluid or antifreeze that is vital in keeping the cooling system in your car at controlled temperature without overheating and damaging the engine. Mechanical failures and hose leaks are common reasons for vehicle breakdowns. Revol Carz Garage […]

Volkswagen Case Study 44: Golf ABS Sensor replacement

ABS is an Anti-locking Braking System in most modern vehicles, designed for safety anti-skidding on vehicles. It works by preventing the wheels from locking up during sudden braking thereby maintain traction with the road surface thus allowing the driver to maintain better control over the vehicle. When you see the ABS warning light flashes on […]