BMW Active Hybrid 5 with ZeTough Paint Protection

For outlook, the new BMW Active Hybrid 5 looks almost the same as a BMW 535i except for the main difference of the active hybrid engine and slightly reduced car boot area. However, when looking closer; there are indications this beauty is an active hybrid 5. The owner visited us one day right after his new car collection and we are equally excited as him this is the first BMW Active Hybrid 5 arriving in our workshop for the ZeTough paint protection session. As usual, the car owner is now happier to know his beautiful car paintwork is protected whilst transforming to a deeper, darker black with a wetter gloss and shine after the treatment. We sincerely thanks the owner for his testimonial given to us too 🙂 Enjoy viewing…

BMW Active Hybrid 5 - side profile

A wetter and deeper gloss & shine

BMW Active Hybrid 5 - bumper
BMW Active Hybrid 5 - interior

The main difference active hybrid 5 engine

Indications of the active hybrid 5

BMW Active Hybrid 5 - rear

How we wish they could remain so clean throughout

BMW Active Hybrid 5 - wheels