BMW 523I Full Car Spray Painting With ZeTough Ceramic Coating Paint Protection


Hi Everyone,

With years of owning a car, it will be invitable to achieve some minor stone chips and small paint chipped off.

Some car owner would like to revive the flawless new paintwork condition once again and a car spray painting will be the ideal choice.

Today we feature one of the most beautiful BMW sedan model for a full car spray painting finished with the re-crown ZeTough Ceramic paint protection to achieve a glossy long lasting protection together with the flawless new paintwork!

We hope you will enjoy viewing the total transformation from the before and after pictures of on this sexy and elegant BMW 523i .

Before Respraying 

When this BMW 523i arrived at our Revol Carz Makeover workshop, we first took some “before” photos of it.


With dent and minor bumper scratches


Closer look of  dent and scratches


Although the Visible water marks can be polished off but the owner insisted a new think lacquer will enchance the look even better


The before rear view!

Upon the completion of spray painting and Proper Oven baking and curing, we polish the body parts thoroughly to bring out the ultimate shine before reassembling them.

At this stage, our QC must give the gleaming polished finish the thumb-up approval before allowing the work to move on to the next stage.

In normal cases after spray painting, the car can be shiny but at Revol Carz Makeover, we can make it even better with our professional finishing.

At the finishing section, the work includes minute detailing, interior grooming and multiple rounds of polishing and buffing.

To enhance the shine to a complete showroom condition feeling, additional detailing, fine-polishing (to ensure no swirl marks) and interior detailing and restoration are carried out.

After Respraying of this BMW 523i with ZeTough Ceramic paint Protection


Now here comes the highlight and one of the most important part of the make-over.
The coating of ZeTough Ceramic Coat Painting Protection!

Did you notice the shine difference after the ZeTough Paint Protection coating?

The newly sprayed paintwork is more enriched, glossier and protected.


Close up bonnet view reflected a darker glossy shine


A before photos reflected a blurred headlamp and some stone chips on the bumper.


Besides a clearer headlamp do you notice the paintwork is much darker and glossy?


A well clean up of the engine compartment


A well glossy side mirror

14 c1

At the finishing section, the work includes minute detailing, interior grooming to ensure a well cleaned up car interior.


Beautiful BMW 523i rear view


Well polished exhaust


To Complete the New showroom feel and condition… Rims must be new and shiny!

With ZeTough paint protection; full exterior detailing; interior cleaning and conditioning, rims restored back to like new condition; this restored beauty was happily ever after with its happy owner.

Pondering giving your car a new lease of life? Change of new color or require partially repair and spray or have the thoughts of whole car re-sprayed?

Visit us at Revol Carz Makeover for a friendly chat and free assessment with absolutely no obligation.

Thank you for reading!