MERCEDES C180 BLUEEFFICIENCY Finished With Paint Protection

MERCEDES C180 BLUEEFFICIENCY Finished With Paint Protection. Many Mercedes Benz owners have a sentimental attachment to their prized luxury sedan and it is easy to understand why. The popular Mercedes BlueEfficiency is indeed a great looking sedan to easily fallen in love with. Arriving at Revol Carz Makeover is yet another Mercedes BlueEfficiency C180, for a full-car repainting with precision-matched original factory color code paintwork. To give the new coats of paint the absolute lasting protection and permanent luster, we always treat the surface with the award-winning, eco-friendly ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating. BlueEFFICIENCY means reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, saving on costs, and protecting the environment. The overall impression of the updated C180 BlueEfficiency is undeniably extrovert and elegant. The dramatic exterior with the front end receiving a more prominent grille, combining sharp angles with graceful curves and high tech elements. Even the 17-inch alloy sports wheels fit tightly into the wheel arches, well matching the car’s proportions. The interior is typical of Mercedes Benz, favoring light, and bright approach with generous stainless steel trims. The seats are in luxurious Artico leather and the lavish equipment includes Thermatic Climate Control, Auto Headlights, Parking Sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-function steering wheels. Under the hood is the heart of the C180 beating with a 1597cc 4-cylinder quiet engine which is mated to a 7G-Tronic transmission. The C180 BlueEfficiency accelerates the 0-100km/h dash at 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 225km/h. We are happy to post the following photos of the Mercedes C180 BlueEfficiency showing the dexterity of our professional makeover and making an elegant impression with the long-lasting, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!

The C180 arrived at our workshop in a weathered condition. The inevitable scratches and dulling paintwork were the results of prolonged exposure to harsh tropical elements and lacking proper maintenance.
The doors and wing mirrors would be carefully stripped for repainting works.
At Revol Carz Makeover, a total respray means we strip every possible part such as, the headlights, tail-lights, bumpers, grille, weather strips, bonnet, trunk and the wheels so that we leave no traces of the old paint.
We feel the adrenaline presenting the finest ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating works on the Mercedes C180. Achieving this stunning better-than-showroom condition is rewarding not only for the owner, but also for our dedicated team.
Upfront, the C180 proudly holds its nose up high with the large iconic three-pointed Star badge, grille, head-lights and body in a breathtaking new condition after the ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating.
Our professional team paid a lot of attention in deep steam cleaning and polishing the engine bay with chemical-free products, bringing back an astoundingly beautiful condition.
Despite being well-maintained, the interior needs extensive, skillful detailing.
The interior is now completely sanitized, steam cleaned, leather nourished and restored with careful detailing.
The wing mirrors were scratched with chips
Scrutinize the superior finishing with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating.
Whichever perspective you gaze at the C180, Revol Carz Makeover promises a long-lasting, better-than-showroom luster with guaranteed protection with the proven ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating.
The striking mirror-like reflections on the rear exterior are projected with eco-friendly, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating.
The dusty exhaust tips have been transformed to like mirror-finish after patient polishing.
The dust laden wheel arches and wheels are ready to be dismantled for cleaning and polishing.
Behold, all wheels are restored and polished to look brand new again. No more chips or scratches.

See to believe! Our professional team’s expertise has successfully transformed the C180 BlueEfficiency into an exhilarating better-than-showroom masterpiece. Applying ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection is a delicate process that requires experienced groomers to achieve the desired better-than-showroom luster in the long term. With the coating of the renowned ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection, we guarantee your car’s paintwork gets ultimate protection with showroom mirror finish throughout your ownership. Maintenance after the coating is minimal. Considering giving your car a new lease of life? We can transform your car into an immaculate showroom condition too! Thank you for reading!