Thursday, April 2, 2020

SGS Test Report

In our quest to ensure our customers always get the best possible services and products, we have submitted the ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating to SGS for reagent test and hardness resistance tests.

We are exhilarated to announce that the said products have successfully met with the stringent SGS standards and have passed the tests with approval and official certifications.
SGS’s world-leading certifications demonstrate that our products are compliant with national and international standards and regulations.

We owe our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our customers for their loyal support that have made our quest to reach higher standard of achievement possible.

At Revol Carz Makeover, we never stop to improve in our strife to meet our customers’ expectations and satisfaction with highest quality products and service standards.

SGS Test Report 2017





SGS Test Report 2018




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