Mercedes Benz Case Study 4: Fixing S300 Disturbing Loud Noise On The Front

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 4

Mercedes-Benz C4 will feature how the Revol Carz Garage fixed the disturbing loud noise on the front of Mr. David’s Mercedes S300. The driver of a Mercedes Benz S300, Mr. David was referred to us by his friend, Angie. Mr. David has sent his car to other workshops without successfully addressing the abnormal knocking sounds coming from the engine. 

Our “Mercedes Specialist” team promptly scanned the OBD with Mercedes Benz’s Original Handset and the diagnosis revealed some misfiring and air leakage issues in the intake manifold.

The failing engine mountings have contributed to heavy engine vibrations and knocking sound.

Further inspections revealed worn out front Air-matic absorbers.

Mercedes-Benz CS 4: - worn spark plugs

Mercedes-Benz CS 4: the badly worn spark plugs resolve the issue of misfiring.

Mercedes-Benz CS 4: Out go the failed Air-Matic Absorbers with the new originals awaiting installations.

Mercedes-Benz CS 4 - Airmatic absorbers

The new Airmatic Absorbers are professionally installed.

Mercedes-Benz CS 4 - Mercedes is now fully restored

The Mercedes Benz is fully restored from the distressing knocking noise and the car is returned to the happy owner, David.