Revol Bodywork Experts Can Help Restore Any Dented Issue to Original Condition


No matter how careful you may be, it breaks your heart to get involved in an accident that damages your car. This Volvo XC60 had been sideswiped, impacting the rear panel with a huge dent. Reversing it will be a challenge, but we have skilled and professional craftsmen who can restore it back to flawless perfection in minimal downtime!

The stunning restoration expertise by Revol Specialists definitely put a smile on the Volvo XC60’s owner!

Let’s have a look at the restoration process…

Our well-experienced and skilled panel-beater carefully knocks back the dented panel to its original shape.

Afterward, he applies putty on the working area. Puttying is a process that entails much-needed experience to attain professional results.

Another tedious process is the wet sanding which takes hours to do until the surface is smooth and has achieved the original curve and profile.

The car is all set for a masterclass painting inside our very own spray painting oven booth.

After it’s fully cured, it is our company protocol to check the paintwork for small bumps and other blemishes that need finishing touches.

Additional polishing for a mirror-like shine finish.

All is well that ends well…another flawless restoration by Revol Spray
Painting Experts.

At Revol Carz Makeover, you can count on us to restore that perfect look.

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