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Revol Volkswagen Specialist Professionally Resolve VW Passat Engine Vibration Issues

At Revol Carz Garage, we take great pride in being your trusted partner in ensuring the longevity and performance of your vehicles. When it comes to car troubles, we’re the experts you can rely on. Whether it’s a minor issue, routine maintenance, or a more complex challenge like an engine overhaul, we’ve got you covered. […]

Massive Dented BMW 520i Flawlessly Restored to like New by Revol Experts

This handsome BMW 5 series got itself a massive dent whilst negotiating a tight corner. Hold your breath!   See how we restored back the dented panel back to its former glory….like there is no trace at all! Let’s go check out our art of restoration process. The damaged panel is meticulously knocked back to […]

Audi A4 Blemishes Promptly Restored to Showroom Glory by Revol Professionals

Another story of a misjudged turning which had impacted the rear panel on the passenger side. A colleague recommended Revol Carz Makeover for the damage repair. Revol restores the damage with exhilarating results in minimal downtime. The dented area is painstakingly knocked back to its original shape with no ripple. Many layers of putty have […]

Revol Experts Restore Scratched Range Rover to Immaculate Finish

This hunky Range Rover had some paintwork stripes on its 2 doors when it came to our workshop. Using the latest in-house repair and spray painting techniques, Revol Carz Makeover guarantees your pride and joy is returned to its immaculate finish once it rolls out of our workshop. The doors are slightly dented, hence needed […]

Revol Delivers the Highest Level of Restored Finish that Looks like Showroom New

No honour earned for these unwanted stripes. Revol delivers the highest level of restored finish that looks like showroom new. The rear door got dented and needed to be knocked back by our Master-skilled panel beater for professional results. Once the dent has been repaired, multiple rounds of careful grinding is done to reach the […]

BMW 318i with Air Conditioning Issue Successfully Resolved by Revol Specialists

We are excited to share with you that our dedicated team of automotive experts does more than just engine repair and car servicing. We understand that a well-functioning vehicle is more than just what’s under the hood. That’s why we’re pleased to inform you that our team is also highly proficient in troubleshooting and resolving […]

Elegant Transition of the BMW 523i to a Breath-Taking Show-Quality Gem

Hi Everyone, Before we begin the article, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our esteemed customers for continual supporting Revol Carz Makeover on car paint protection and spray painting services. The BMW523i sedan has seen better days.  Weathered paintwork and decorated with scuffs, dings and dents have taken the toll on […]

BMW 520i with Paintwork Blemishes Beautifully Restored to Mint Condition

BEFORE:  Paintwork blemishes have ruined the beauty of this BMW 5 series AFTER:  The BMW 5 series has been stunningly restored to mint condition. Preparatory works are done before the master-class spray painting.  For a professional finish and ensuring a lasting result, putty is applied. After putty, repeated sanding is done until the surface is […]

Highly Qualified Revol Team Can Restore Your Damaged Vehicle to its Original Condition with Warranty

Hi Valued Customers, We deeply appreciate your loyal support and wish to express the trust you have placed in us over the years. At Revol Carz Garage, we are committed to providing exceptional services, not only in servicing and repairing your vehicles to the highest standard but also in assisting you with insurance claims in […]

For Any Damage Restoration, Revol Ticks All the Boxes for a Professional Finish

This Volkswagen Passat had an unwanted kiss on the wall while manoeuvring at the carpark, leaving a massive dent on the rear fender. When it comes to damage restoration, Revol ticks all the boxes for a professional finish.  Witness how we restored this Volkswagen Passat to pristine condition while efficiently saving you thousands of dollars!Let’s […]

BMW 7 Series with Airmatic System Issue Cost Effectively Resolved by Revol Carz, Singapore Specialist

It’s no secret that our customers choose us as their preferred workshop time and time again!  The answer is simple yet profound – we prioritize your needs and always put your interests first. In today’s case study, we’d like to share the story of Mr. Lim, a BMW owner who recently encountered a minor accident […]

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BMW X1 with Erratic Gear Changes Loss of Power Resolved By Revol Carz Garage Specialists

As we’ve observed an increasing number of cases involving coolant entering the gearbox, we strongly recommend replacing your auto transmission oil cooler, especially if you own a BMW 2 Series or BMW X1. This proactive step can significantly safeguard your vehicle’s transmission system and prevent potential costly issues down the road. Opting for an auto […]

Damaged Audi E-Tron Delightfully Restored at Revol in Minimal Downtime

The owner of this savvy Audi E-Tron has misjudged safe-distancing while navigating a narrow car park, damaging the passenger side doors.  Using the latest in-house repair and spray painting techniques, Revol Carz Makeover restored the Audi E-Tron to its immaculate finish and handed it over to a happy customer. Foremost, our body repair specialist sets […]

Rear Ended BMW 1 Series Restored to Immaculate Condition by Revol Experts


Hi to all our esteemed Customers! Your loyal support and trust in Revol Carz Garage have propelled us to a whole new level of standards and quality in our vehicle repair and restoration service.  We acknowledge, with deep gratitude, your unrelenting support through the years. Our enthusiastic team at Revol Carz Garage is motivated to […]

Revol Specialists Restore Audi S5 Cabriolet to Showroom Glory


Hi Everyone, Before we begin the article, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our esteemed customers for continually supporting Revol Carz Makeover on car paint protection and spray painting services. Despite nasty scars of scuffs and scratches that marred the right side, the luxury AUDI S5 Cabriolet still impressed when rolled […]