Audi Case Study 100: A4 Engine & Transmission Mounts Replacement

Don’t let bad Engine and Transmission Mounts issue rob you of your driving pleasure. Have your AUDI regularly maintained at Revol Carz Garage.

It is important to have your qualified mechanic check your Engine and Transmission Mounts regularly. They keep your Engine and Transmission secured to the chassis and prevent excessive vibration and noise from entering the cabin.

You can tell that your Engine or Transmission Mounts are going bad with symptoms like excessive vibration, clunking or banging noises, difficulty shifting gears, and uneven tire wear.

Bad Mounts can lead to hazards like Engine or Transmission damage, the risk of an accident, exhaust leaks, and reduced fuel efficiency. Not only can these hazards be costly to repair, but they can also pose a danger to you and your passengers.

Keep your Audi A4 running smoothly and avoid costly repairs or safety hazards. Have your Engine and Transmission Mounts checked regularly by our qualified mechanic at Revol Carz Garage. We keep your car in top shape!