Mercedes Benz Case Study 99: E200 Headlight Replacement

Restoring yellowed Headlamps may seem like a quick and cost-effective solution, but it is only temporary. The temporarily restored coating on the headlamp will begin to deteriorate and fade, allowing the Headlamp to yellow once again more quickly. This is because the original protective coating on the Headlamp has been damaged or worn down, leaving the plastic exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which cause the yellowing.

Furthermore, restoring the Headlamp lens coating does not address any underlying issues that may be causing the yellowing, such as moisture build-up or damage to the Headlamp housing. As a result, the problem is likely to reccur, and you may have to continue restoring the headlamp lens repeatedly.

It is prudent to replace the yellowed Headlamp with a new one ensuring that the Headlamp is fully protected by a new, intact protective coating. This provides a long-term solution to the problem and ensures that your vehicle’s new Headlights illuminate brightly and make your driving safe.