Monday, June 1, 2020
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BMW M3 with ZeTough Paint Protection

ZeTough Paint protection really brings out the full richness of the paintwork colour This ultimate beautiful Bmw M3 turns from a normal blue to a...

Beautiful Blue Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

A Cayenne Turbo S that guarantee to stand out with its wet glossy shine and unique blue colour rims.

BMW 1M with ZeTough Paint Protection

This beautiful Bmw 1M is treated with our latest ZeTough glass coating paint protection. Visibly, the orange colour changes to a darker colour together with...

Introducing our latest ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection

Ze Tough is the latest revolutionary paint protection formulated. Once Ze Tough is applied onto surface, it will turn into a glass like film...

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Video Case Studies – Car Battery Replacement

Modern cars are generally computerized and replacing the battery is no longer a straight forward procedure. BMW electronic system...

Video Case Studies – Cleaning VW Gearbox

Take a peek at the Volkswagen gearbox overhaul process as our team take pride in cleaning the whole gearbox too.