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Mechatronics Failure of BMW 520i – Reliable replacement

MECHATRONICS” derives from a combination of the words, “mechanical” and “electronics”. In the BMW’s design of the Automatic Transmission, for example, it uses an internal Transmission Control Module and Solenoid Package known as a Mechantronics. Transmissions with solenoids are known to have problems over time and require the mechatronics to be replaced due to the […]

Engine misfiring issue resolved for Volkswagen Golf A7

Hi Everyone, If your car’s engine stalls or misfires, it may be symptoms pointing to a faulty or failing ECM. An illuminated Check Engine light is another possible symptom of a problem with the ECU when the computer detects a problem with any of its sensors or circuits. The symptoms may not appear to have […]

Audi A5 Sport Back Quattro arrives for engine overhaul

Hi Everyone, You can tell that your car’s engine is time for an overhaul when it consumes lubricant excessively and even worse, white smoke is also bellowing from the exhaust pipes. Misfiring and compression loss are also other common indications of worn-out piston rings. Other extreme signs could be experiencing oil sludge and coolant in […]

A BMW 730i arrives for a total gearbox overhaul.

A BMW 730i arrives for a total gearbox overhaul.. Hi Everyone, The gearbox (transmission) is one of the most vital components of any vehicle. Shifting problems or sudden skip in the gear can be a cause for concern. The transmission of the vehicle is subjected to wear and tear due to exposure to extreme heat […]

An Audi A8L arrived for Air matic pump and Air matic valve replacement

An Audi A8L dream car comes with Air-Matic that can change the suspension settings from comfort to sport mode in seconds with a push of a button. The vehicle level is continually monitored and re-adjusted whenever there is a difference of +/- 20mm and adapting to the road conditions and driving style. When the vehicle […]

A BMW 640i arriving for BMW Timing Gear Replacement

BMW 640i arriving for BMW Timing Gear Replacement. Hi Everyone, The function of your BMW timing gears is to allow the camshaft and crankshaft to turn the timing chain. The pistons are moved up and down by the turning of the crankshaft which also allows the intake and exhaust valves on the cylinders to open […]

An Audi A4 has been successfully done the engine overhaul!

An Audi A4 has been successfully done the engine overhaul! Hi Everyone, Do you feel your car has not been running efficiently and it seems thirsty for oil top-up and high fuel consumption? Your car has probably already clocked high mileage by now. It could be time for an engine overhaul or reconditioning. Engine overhaul […]

Volkswagen ABS Pump & Gearbox Issue Resolved at Revol Carz

Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting this page and you may wish to click on read more at the bottom of the page to view more similar cases! Besides providing our expertise in resolving car issue, Transparency and honesty are top 2 most important core value too! We thanks Mr Roshen for his testimonial and […]

A BMW X5 arrived for major circuit board modules damaged

A BMW X5 arrived for major circuit board modules damaged. Hi Everyone, We have some advice for unwary car owners who could be unfortunately caught in an appalling situation after installing an in-car camera. Don’t be “penny-wise and pound-foolish”, so the adage goes. Have your in-car camera properly set up by professional installers from a […]

A Skoda Superb Elegance came for a full engine overhaul.

Hi Everyone, Are you tired of the recurring mechanical problems that your car is experiencing every now and then? After you’ve fixed one mechanical problem, yet another one surfaces? The most common signs of an aging engine are high oil consumption and excessive white smoke in the exhaust, high fuel consumption, misfiring, and compression loss. […]

A BMW 523i had an issue related to the auto transmission oil cooler

A BMW 523i had an issue related to the auto transmission oil cooler. Hi Everyone, An estimate of 90% of automatic transmission failures is caused by transmission overheating. Overheating can almost always tell you that there is something wrong with the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is the life-blood to your transmission. It provides crucial functions […]

A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems

A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems. Hi Everyone, Most of us take the car air conditioner for granted. We don’t give it much thought until it starts giving us problems. Just like all the other important parts of a vehicle, the air conditioner should also be maintained properly. A car […]

Volkswagen Jetta came to Revol Carz Garage for Engine Overhaul

Volkswagen Jetta came to Revol Carz Garage for Engine Overhaul. Has your Volkswagen engine experienced intermittent vibrations, loss of power with fault codes lighting up, or even stalled engine during driving? Normally, it could be due to a few factors such as air leakage or even faulty ignition coils. Mr. Liang sent his Volkswagen to […]

Timing Gear Issue Resolved for Mercedes Benz

Timing Gear Issue Resolved for Mercedes Benz. Hi Everyone, Is your Mercedes Benz taking a long time to start the engine during cranking? As it may seem normal for some, it is actually a wear and tear issue needed to be rectified before major repair kicked in. Today we have one of our customers who […]

BMW 320i: Gearbox issue has been repaired

BMW 320I: Gearbox issue has been repaired. At Revol Carz Garage, our “Customers first” business philosophy aims to provide every customer with the best interest and priority. A customer was resigned to having his automatic transmission replaced when his car was unable to engage the gears. Fortunately, our experienced technician promptly diagnosed the issue with […]