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Our collection of ceramic coating paint protection updates and case studies will show you how we can keep your car’s paint surface gleaming over time and prevent damage from bug splatters and stone chips.

Weekend is Here! We Make sure your Beloved Cars are Well Groomed!

Weekend is here! Kick starting our day with an extremely busy appointment as our dedicated Team are working extra hard to make sure all cars are well groomed and treated with the renowned Multi-awarded ZeTough paint protection. ZeTough, don’t drive without it. Have a great weekend ahead!

Showroom look of BMW 640I after applying the Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

This stylish BMW 640I just had a pampering by our paint protection specialists. A well done exterior and interior grooming together with well-polished rims are the main priority. Presenting the BMW 640I showing its elegant protected white gloss. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Amit for engaging with Us and for choosing ZeTough Ceramic as his […]

An Astonishing Black BMW 218I for Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

We have this astonishing black BMW 218i at our AMK Branch for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection. Mr. Paul wanted his car’s paintwork to be protected and looking its very best and easy to maintain.  After a full interior and exterior detailing, coated with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection treatment, the car’s paintwork achieved a deep gloss […]

A classic Mercedes Benz E200 is look perfect with Titanium Paint Protection Coating

This elegant Mercedes Benz E200 has just arrived at Revol Carz Makeover for a premium grooming session that includes the special treatment with our award-winning, ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating for dazzling showroom gleam and protected ride. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Jansen for engaging with Us for his paint protection services! So […]

This Citroen C4 Picasso send in for Titanium Paint Protection Coating

Ms. Louise made an appointment with us after being referred by her beloved husband who is one of our customers after understanding and witnessed the results of her husband’s protection lasting results too! We are grateful to have both of your support and we will continue to keep up the good job! So how can […]

A Grateful Friday Loaded with German Cars for Respray and ZeTough Paint Protection Services!

Gott sei Dank ist es Freitag (T.G.I.F) Grateful Friday as the shop is loaded with German car makes in for respray services and ZeTough Paint Protection which offers complete protection while keeping your paintwork looking spectacular. Need respray or paint protection for your car too? Feel free to contact us @ 6555 1181 for a […]

The Titanium Paint Protection Coating is applied to this nice-looking green Honda Shuttle

This nice-looking green Honda Shuttle checked-in for a good makeover. Our detailing gurus completed a full interior and exterior grooming coated with our signature ZeTough Titanium paint protection. Now looking sharp glossy and fresh with maximum long lasting protection, ready to hit the road with a “WOW” showroom shine. Thank you Mr. Asnul for entrusting […]

Stylish Mercedes Benz A200 is more confident after the Titanium Paint Protection Coating

Our most grateful thoughts to Mr. Laurence for sending his stylish Mercedes Benz A200 for ZeTough Titanium paint protection with guaranteed showroom shine and long lasting protection throughout his ownership. Expecting a dust free rims and well cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for […]

An Audi A3 Underwent for Good Royal Pampering with Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

This Audi A3 was brought in for a TLC and good royal pampering with ZeTough Ceramic coating leaving the paintwork with an ultra-rich glossy black finish. Now looking better-than-brand new with a refreshed “new” interior! Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Cheryl for engaging with Us and for choosing ZeTough Ceramic as your preferred paint protection!

This Toyota Camry Checked-in for Titanium Paint Protection Coating

A dashing Toyota Camry checked-in at our AMK branch for ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating, SGS tested and certified with above 9H scratch resistance for long lasting shine and protected ride.Our heartfelt gratitude Mr. Julian for your trust and support!So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating […]

ZeTough is Guaranteed to Provide Long Lasting Shine and Protection Even After Rain!

For some car owners,🌧️ rainy days are bothersome for it leaves watermarks all over their beloved, but not for car owners with certified ZeTough paint protection which is proven to have high hydrophobic properties and guaranteed to provide long lasting shine and protection even after rain after rain after rain! Drive safely guys!

This shining BMW 530i is now protected with Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Mr. Ng scheduled an appointment with Us to coat his dashing BMW530i for a touch of ZeTough Ceramic paint protection after understanding its long term benefits. Not only will he enjoy a totally clean and protected interior but most importantly having a protective Ceramic Coating which enable his car to stay clean, glossier, and protected […]

Volkswagen Golf is satisfied to have our Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

One of our beloved satisfied customers, Mr. Kee, acquired a Volkswagen Golf and decided to send it to Us for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection. Now looking fresh and new with a showroom condition look and feel. Sincerest thanks to Mr. Kee for your unwavering support in Revol Carz Makeover🙏