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Our collection of ceramic coating paint protection updates and case studies will show you how we can keep your car’s paint surface gleaming over time and prevent damage from bug splatters and stone chips.

Bentley Continental GT Coupe Glow Up With ZeTough Paint Protection

This beauty is the latest infamous Bentley Continental GT Coupe with a new 4-liter V8 that produces 40 percent fewer carbon emissions and achieves 40 percent higher fuel economy numbers than the alternate W12 engine option. Some may wonder since the new, smaller engine option is now more fuel-efficient; will it be lack of power? […]

Maserati GranTurismo Cambiocorsa S with ZeTough Paint Protection

Maserati GranTurismo Cambiocorsa S is definitely among one of the more beautifully designed sports car around. Its unique features besides a 4.7L V8 engine, is a 6 speed F1 auto transmission gearbox with paddle shift control. Alcantara Seats Nice exhaust pipe 20inch sports rims Thanks for viewing cheers

Porsche 911 Carrera S With ZeTough Paint Protection

The latest Porsche 911 Carrera S seems to have been completely redesigned. According to sources, while it is still recognizable instantly as a Porsche 911 at a glance, 90 percent of the 2012 911’s components are either new or fundamentally revised. Beautiful curves lines across the body Elegant white yet sporty Porsche 911 carrera S […]

BMW Active Hybrid 5 with ZeTough Paint Protection

For outlook, the new BMW Active Hybrid 5 looks almost the same as a BMW 535i except for the main difference of the active hybrid engine and slightly reduced car boot area. However, when looking closer; there are indications this beauty is an active hybrid 5. The owner visited us one day right after his […]

Audi A5 Treated with ZeTough Paint Protection

Audi A5 gets treated with our ZeTough Paint Protection. It has been quite a while since our last posts. Enjoy as we show you the great transformation of this Audi with ZeTough Paint Protection. We are extremely happy and excited to see more & more car owners enjoying the benefits from ZeTough Paint protection – […]

BMW X6 with ZeTough Paint Protection

If you own a car with white paintwork and you feel that it doesn’t really stand out… It’s time to visit Revol Carz Makeover for a ZeTough paint protection treatment. Besides known for having protection properties for paintwork, ZeTough glass coating paint protection also brings out the full richness glowing effect even on white paintwork Imagine […]

ZeTough Paint Protection for Glossy Dark Blue BMW M3

ZeTough Paint protection really brings out the full richness of the paintwork colour This ultimate beautiful BMW M3 turns from a normal blue to a SUPER deep wet glossy dark blue. We do realize that the curve lines on the bonnet are more obvious after ZeTough compare to before treatment. Clean polished exhaust pipe and […]

ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection: Our Latest Paint

The latest revolutionary paint protection formulated ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection is the latest revolutionary paint protection formulated. Once enough is applied onto the surface, it will turn into a glass-like film that bonds and stays permanently onto the surface. ZeTough also creates a strong scratch resistance & strong protection against acidic elements. Most importantly, […]