Another Customer’s Volkswagen engine problem has been resolved

Hi Everyone, Has your Volkswagen engine experienced intermittent vibrations, loss of power, fault codes lighted up, or even stalled engine during driving? Despite that your previous workshop had your ignition coils and spark plugs replaced, the problem remained? Through a recommendation, the customer sent his Volkswagen to our workshop with these problems. Our professional technicians performed various tests and confirmed the pistons were faulty. We recommended an engine overhaul and replace the worn pistons to resolve the problems completely. This would not only solve the vibrations but the car runs smoothly like new again. If your car encounters similar issues or if it feels abnormal, it is time to have it diagnosed by professionals before adverse damages set in. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following pictures.

The Volkswagen arrived at Revol Carz Garage for engine overhaul.
We commenced work swiftly to reduce the down time so we could return the car sooner to the owner.
Preparing to be lift the engine from the engine bay.
The engine is safely removed and placed on a designated engine rack.
Imagine the amount of work incurred in the process from the above photo to the photo below?
The engine related parts are carefully dismantled in order to retrieve the pistons for replacement.
The culprit is the cracked piston.
Can you tell the difference between the new and used piston ?
During the engine overhaul, our professional team also clean up all related parts to achieve the optimum desired results!
Assembling of car parts with a torque wrench ensures 100% correct torque of all screws and bolts.
Volkswagen engine
The engine is professionally restored.
We are glad this beauty is back to its pleasant driving experience.

Thank you for reading!