BMW 7 Series: Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replacement

Hi Everyone, Today we have the pleasure of sharing some photos of BMW 7 Series replacement of the Self-Levelling Air Suspension which requires professional expertise and competence. The BMW 7 Series is known for its Standard Dynamic Damper Control. Unlike other models that commonly use conventional spring suspensions. A Self-leveling Air Suspension at the rear. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following pictures.

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Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replacement - BMW 7 Series
This feature ensures the vehicle offers a consistent height and maximum comfort ride.
Air suspensions however, are subjected to wear and tear over the years.
Some car owners may experience tilting or uneven level when the car is parked.
Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replacement - BMW 7 Series
Some totally worn out air suspension will have error message displaying.
Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replacement - BMW 7 Series
Can you see the difference between the new and used air suspension?

After replacement of the air suspension, we are glad the beautiful 7 series had revived its original comfort driving.
Car wash is done and it’s ready for collection.
Thank you for reading!