Audi A7 arrived at Revol Carz Garage for the Gear control unit issues

Audi A7 arrived at Revol Carz Garage for the Gear control unit issues. Hi Everyone, Before we share another blog about a gearbox that was recently overhauled by our specialists at Revol Carz Garage, we would like to share with you some useful tips on maintaining your gearbox to its pristine condition.

• Always perform regular checks for leakage of auto transmission oil from the oil pan.
• Maintain the required transmission oil level in the gearbox. Without sufficient transmission oil level might create overheating.
• Replace the auto transmission oil regularly according to the recommendations in the car maintenance manual. Although some transmission oil manufacturers may claim that their transmission oil can last the car’s lifetime, the oil loses its viscosity over time resulting in overheating. There is always a shelf life span for oil.

We strongly believe that following the above maintenance recommendations could not only prolong the lifespan of your auto transmission, and also maintain its efficiency. If you notice something unusual on your car, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation check and assistance for early breakdown prevention. It is wise to know that many major and expensive repairs can be avoided if the vehicle is properly maintained and checked regularly. Today we have another Audi A7 who is facing gear engagement issues and entrusted his beloved car to us for the diagnostic. Our professional technician confirmed the issue lies with the mechatronic – Gear control unit and work begin swiftly. We hope you enjoy viewing the following photos.

Audi A7 Arriving Revol Carz Garage for the Gear control unit replacement
This is the Audi A7 mechatronic and I would say it is one of the most beautifully designed mechatronic in the Audi series.
The new (left) and used mechatronic
The mechatronic is professionally fitted in.

We are glad to be able to return the beauty back for her to be back on the road confidently.
Thank you for reading!