Mercedes Benz S300 Transmission Gear: Issue Resolved

Mercedes Benz S300 Transmission Gear: Issue Resolved. Every time a warning icon lights up on your dial when the engine is on, it tells you that something isn’t right in your automobile and needs immediate attention. Some of the warnings are minor issues and could be resolved quickly (for example, door(s) not shut properly). However, when major issues are detected, it is safer not to drive. We hope you enjoy viewing the following photos.

A Mercedes Benz S300 was in such distress. The transmission gears were unable to engage and the car had to be towed to our workshop.
Following our skillful diagnosis, we promptly pinpointed the fault to the gear-box. In normal circumstances, the same fault codes in a similar engine checks by others may merit replacement of a complete set of valve-body.
However, our experienced technicians knew it was only the electronic transmission control that was faulty.
We replaced it and resolved the Mercedes Benz S300 gear issue. The transmission gears could now be engaged – smoothly!
We felt a sense of satisfaction to see the delight in our customer’s face. He was grateful that we had not only swiftly solved his gear problem but we also saved him substantial sum of money had he been advised to replace the whole set of valve body.

Letting a workshop with integrity (especially with your best interest at heart), to repair your car is an important consideration. If you have any issues with your gearbox or any part of your car, do feel free to contact us. We will always serve you with the best of your interest! Thank you for reading!