Timing Gear Issue Resolved for Mercedes Benz

Timing Gear Issue Resolved for Mercedes Benz. Hi Everyone, Is your Mercedes Benz taking a long time to start the engine during cranking? As it may seem normal for some, it is actually a wear and tear issue needed to be rectified before major repair kicked in. Today we have one of our customers who is facing such an and we are glad to be able to perform the assistance to resolve his issue and our professional technician professionally diagnosed the worn-out timing gear sprocket. Professional expertise is important and not forgetting to get a workshop who thinks on your best interest will be able to prevent you from replacing unnecessary parts. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos.

Experiencing the same issue?

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Photo gallery of gear sprocket resolution

The Mercedes Benz arriving Revol Carz Garage for troubleshooting
Once problem identified, repair begin swiftly
Exposing the main culprit soon
Are you able to identify which is the timing gear sprocket?
New timing gear sprocket awaiting replacement

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