A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems

A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems. Hi Everyone, Most of us take the car air conditioner for granted. We don’t give it much thought until it starts giving us problems. Just like all the other important parts of a vehicle, the air conditioner should also be maintained properly. A car without a properly working air conditioner is nothing less than a solar heater and can be quite unbearable to travel in such a car. If we are having the problem of decreased cooling in the vehicle, then there might be a slow leak or blockage in the system that needs to be check as soon as possible. A low level of refrigerant or a slipping air-con compressor clutch can also decrease the performance of the air conditioner.

There are various components in it and any one of the failing parts can create trouble. For example, if there is absolutely no cold air from the air conditioner, then it may have one of these problems:
1. The fuse might be blown.
2. The drive belt may be broken.
3. There can be a blockage in the expansion valve, receiver drier, or refrigerant line.
4. Fault or leakage in the expansion valve. The first thing you should look for are signs of leaking or a faulty air-con compressor. If the air conditioning system requires substantial repairs, you may not have the expertise or the equipment necessary to conduct those repairs at home. Then it’s time to seek professional advice from a professional automobile mechanic. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following pictures.

A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems. A faulty car air conditioner can be difficult to diagnose and repair.
We lifted the BMW X3 to carry out a routine undercarriage safety inspection and preventive maintenance also.
Minor leaks of refrigerant in the air conditioning system are normal. However if the leak increases over time, you should consult your mechanic promptly.
Many of the modern models have external filters to keep the dust particles from reaching inside the car. But with time, these filters can get clogged and reduce the air flow. Good maintenance is making sure the filters are cleaned or replaced at regular intervals, especially if we live in a dusty place.
In the case of this BMW X3, we had to dismantle the dash board and steering wheel to replace the damaged parts.
The car air-conditioner gets a lot of usage but we may not think much about the compressor working overtime to bring us cool comfort. The compressor does exactly what the name implies. It compresses refrigerant and sends it to your car’s air condenser.
A new original cooling coil at the right is ready for replacement. We don’t compromise on the quality of replacement parts.
All the parts are sensibly assembled back to its original positions with precision. It is also important that having a profession to fix back the parts carefully to prevent any unwanted loose noise.
After all the repair works are completed, we also provide a complimentary car wash and vacuuming of the interior.

Preventive maintenance is always better than repair. It is important to understand about wear and tear before the components break down totally. If you have any issue in any part of your car, do feel free to contact us. We will always serve you with the best of your interest! Thanks for reading!