BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us!

BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us! A motor car accident happens when you are the least expecting it.  A careless split second of distraction on the road could jolt you to a loud bang in a nasty car collision.

The same thing happened recently to our customers. He is driving a BMW 320i when suddenly another car from the opposite direction crashed into the divider. The impact wiped out the right headlight, bumper, fender.

As the driver was one of our regular customers at Revol Carz Garage, we were authorized to handle the motor insurance claim and repair from the start to finish.

We understand the stress and anxiety that the BMW 320i car-owner was going through after the accident. That is why, our experienced staff will continually update the status to the owner on the insurance claim give assistance, professional advice, and also car repair process. 

Also. we arrange for a courtesy car for our customer whilst the car is in the repair shop.

In the unfortunate event that you should make an insurance claim for the damage to your car, with your trusted workshop. Just like what the BMW owner did.

We have encountered some customers who are left with their vehicles being inadequately repaired. Also, it has some refurbished or scrapped parts that compromised quality can be fatal.

At Revol Carz Garage, our state-of-art equipment, technology, facilities, and highly qualified team can restore your damaged vehicle to its original condition with warranty.  Your safety is our paramount concern.  We do not compromise with cheap or recycled parts.  Your car will be restored with original parts with our uncompromised workmanship.

Our “Customer First” business policy aims to provide customers with the best convenience.

The BMW 320i is beautifully restored to showroom condition with a guarantee with minimum downtime.