VW Case Study 20: Volkswagen Passat is perfectly restored after an accident

According to the motor accident report lodged by our customer, his Volkswagen Passat was on standstill in a heavy traffic jam along the expressway when another car attempted to cut in front of his car.  The side-swiped collision damaged the Volkswagen and of course heavier traffic jam.

It was a typical daily evening rush-hour on the Express Way.  The traffic was crawling at snail pace from bumper-to-bumper.   Everyone seemed impatient to get home and tempers flare when some impatient drivers start cutting lanes. Such is the situation when the accident of the Volkswagen Passat happened.

Many people say that side-swipe cases are 50-50 liability and are hard to claim.  Fortunately for our customer, he had a front and rear cameras installed in his Volkswagen Passat and the video footage was clear-cut evidence that the third party was fully liable.

The insurance claim was assigned to Revol Carz Garage to assist in his claim including restoring the car damages on his Volkswagen Passat.

Our customer managed to get a 100% claim from the third party’s motor insurance and his Volkswagen Passat beautifully restored to mint showroom condition in minimal downtime.

Our “Customer First” business policy aims in providing our customers with the best convenience and satisfaction.

Volkswagen Passat
Our Insurance Claim Team promptly taking pictures as evidence of damage for submission of the insurance claim on behalf of the customer owning.
The liable party’s car left evident, unwanted pink paintwork and scratches on the Volkswagen Passat.
?We conduct 100% check on every inch of the Volkswagen Passat to ensure no hidden structure is compromised.
All damaged components are replaced with original parts.
Volkswagen Passat
The fully restored without blemish with perfectly matched paintwork.
Volkswagen Passat

The epitome of excellence is our ethos reflected in our first-rate service in restoring the car to perfect finish.