VW Case Study 5 – Cheryl’s Volkswagen Golf for ABS pump replacement

VW Case Study 5 – Cheryl’s Volkswagen Golf for ABS pump replacement

Is this scenario familiar to you?

Ms Cheryl’s Golf flashed the “ABS Error” fault code on the dashboard and she made a distress call for our assistance.

In generic scenario, replacement of the ABS sensor should resolve the issue. However, the car also requires the ABS pump replacement as well.

We lifted the car to access the replacement work promptly targeting to return the car within a day.

Out goes the failed ABS pump and a brand new replacement awaits.

ABS or Anti-lock Brake System is an advanced technology designed to maximize the braking efficiency and help prevent wheel from locking during heavy braking situation, giving the driver better control of the car.  The hydraulic power that applies to the ABS brakes automatically is greater than a driver could apply.

ABS fault code warning light comes on is a common failing on cars with ABS.  When the ABS system is not functioning, loss of traction, skidding, and hydroplaning are likely to occur under heavy braking conditions. 

There are instances where a faulty ABS System can behave erratically, causing the brakes to lock up under normal driving conditions. If you experience sporadic behavior from your brakes such as random clicking noises and pumping of the brakes, your ABS module is due for replacement.  

The ABS on most vehicles is designed to give sufficient warning signs when there is any trouble with the system. Being aware of these warning signs, and addressing the problem as soon as they arise will help ensure that your ABS system and vehicle remains functioning for maximum safety.