BMW Case Study 3: BMW 135i Air leak, faulty wiper pump bush

BMW CS 3 – BMW 135i’sAir Hose (Throttle Body To Turbo Intercooler). Nick’s BMW 135i was having an engine check light and needed a car servicing too! Our professional team worked on it on details.

BMW CS 3 – BMW 135i’s engine check light is on.

At times even with a BMW original handset, you still need BMW experience to ensure we nail the issue accurately to prevent unnecessary replacement.

BMW CS 3 - BMW 135i's turbo air hose

The engine check light is trigger when there is irregular air fuel ratio mixture, hence our experience BMW specialist detected the air leak from one of the turbo air hose.

BMW CS 3 - BMW 135i's wiper pump replaced

During our full safety check, we also discover the wiper pump bush is faulty too and we get them replaced as well.

BMW CS 3 - BMW 135i's carwash and vacuum done

Car returned to Nick with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.