Mercedes Benz Case Study 12: CLA180 Starting Up Issue

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 12

This Mercedes-Benz CS 12 will feature Mr. Anthony’s Mercedes CLA180 issue. His car was unable to start possibly due to battery issues.

For automobile drivers, starting up issues is not a new problem anymore. But, we can’t just ignore this problem. Revol is committed to assist and address issues like this. These images below are our documentation on how we resolve the starting up issues on Mr. Anthony’s Mercedes CLA 180.

Mercedes-Benz CS 12: Scanning process highlights the “Power supply low” fault code.

There were also vvarious other faults found on the Mercedes upon scanning it.

Mercedes-Benz CS 12: Fault code registration

Fault code on Mercedes is also registered for headlight beam issue. 

Mercedes-Benz CS 12 - worn fuse box

Our Mercedes experts detected worn fuse Box as the cause of the ignition issue. 

Mercedes-Benz CS 12 - old and new fuse

New original fuse box (right) is ready for replacement. This Mercedes is ready to start up again.

The Mercedes roars back to life after our QC team gave it a thumb-up. It was professionally done in less than a day.

A safe drive to Mr. Anthony. We hope that you enjoy the ride with your Mercedes CL180 again. Thank you for entrusting us with your auto. You now rest assured of your safe travels.

Remarkable Service

With our professionals here in Revol Carz Garage, we are able to resolve the issue of our client.

Feel free to contact us if you happened to experience the same problem with Mr. Anthony. There is nothing more priceless to us than seeing the satisfied reaction of our clients.