Car Servicing Testimonials: Mercedes-Benz New Anti Roll Bar

“I was disturbed by the irritating noise from my car’s under-carriage. My previous workshop diagnosed that my shock absorbers were responsible. I called up Gavin at Revol Carz Garage and I accepted his quotation. I confidently requested that he proceeds to order brand new suspensions.

However, he advised us to let his team inspect first prior to ordering the parts. Despite his advice, I had insisted to proceed as I was confident my absorbers were faulty, as diagnosed by the previous workshop.

On arriving at Revol Carz Garage, I was pleased to see that my new absorbers had already arrived, so they saved me some waiting time. Instead of hastily dismantling the absorbers for replacement, their experienced mechanics routinely inspected the under-carriage more thoroughly. They discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that the source of the noise was actually from an anti-roll bar. As I had insisted on ordering the new absorbers, I was concerned that I need to pay for them anyway. Gavin was generous to allow me to cancel my order for the absorbers.

Car Servicing Testimonials: Mercedes-Benz New Anti-Roll Bar

The replacement of the faulty anti-roll bar solved my problem. I am indeed happy and grateful for their professional works and integrity. Their experience and correct diagnosis had certainly saved me money and solved the nagging problem.

Revol Carz Garage has earned my trust and I shall hence be their long term customer. If you are looking for a workshop with integrity, professionalism and friendly service, I have no hesitation in recommending Revol Carz Garage.”

Mr. Richard