Car Servicing Testimonials: Skoda Engine Overhaul

Car Servicing Testimonials of Mr. Edwin Tan’s Skoda

“At my wit’s end, I decided to call Gavin at Revol Carz Garage for an appointment to discuss my car’s issues and to resolve the car misfiring issue. Overhauling the car engine was a major repair which I needed some time to reconsider. To temporarily stop the car coughing, Gavin offered to replace the spark plugs to enable me to drive for a while.

As I had anticipated, the damned misfiring recurred after one week. I had to ask Gavin for another set of spark plugs as I needed more time to ponder over overhauling my car. Gavin obliged without hesitation but warned that prolonged delay might not be a good long-term option.

Eventually I couldn’t evade the overhaul any longer so I left my car at Revol Carz Garage the following week. I have never regretted my decision since. The engine now purrs efficiently smoother and is so much quieter after the overhaul. Happily, there is zero top-ups of engine oil.

Car Servicing Testimonials: Skoda Engine Overhaul

Initially, I was rather skeptical about whether the engine overhaul could effectively resolve the heavy consumption of engine oil. Indeed Gavin’s professional advice had reassured me. I have patronized many auto-workshops but none matches Revol’s standards. I appreciate their fair, transparent and sincere services and customer-first business philosophy. Their manager, Gavin, with years of experience, understands and listens attentively to the customers’ needs – always offers the right solutions.

Special thanks to the Revol Team for the job well done. I will be back for my next car servicing!

Keep up the great job!”

Mr. Edwin Tan