Audi Case Study 91: A3 Engine Oil Separator Replacement

Maintaining Peak Performance: Everything You Need to Know About Audi A3 Engine Oil Separator Replacement.

An Engine Oil Separator, also known as a Crankcase Ventilation System or PCV valve, is a component in an internal combustion engine that separates oil mist and other contaminants from the air and recirculates the clean air back into the engine. The purpose of an Engine Oil Separator is to prevent pollutants from escaping the engine and entering the atmosphere while also maintaining proper engine performance. Over time, the Engine Oil Separator may become clogged or damaged, which can cause various issues such as decreased engine performance, increased oil consumption, and excessive emissions. Regular maintenance and replacement of the Engine Oil Separator are important to ensure the proper functioning of the engine and to prevent further damage.

Lets take a look how we resolve Mr. Tan’s Audi A3 engine check light issue.