BMW Case Study 109: M5 Gearbox Mounting Replacement

If you’ve noticed an unusual level of vibration everytime you engaged your gear, its time to take a look at the Gearbox Mounting!

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Mr. Xavier BMW M5 arrives at Revol Carz Garage for Full Maintenance Servicing on regular basis and mention recently he felt some vibration when engaging gear!

Conducting a multipoint inspection protocol with a comprehensive safety check for the BMW M5.

Our Experience BMW Specialist discovered the worn Gearbox Mounting and replaced with New, genuine BMW Transmission mounts (Left) are expedited for replacement.

It is important too toreplace your Air Filter for better engine air intake performance.

Compare the appalling clogged Cabin Air Filters (Right) with the new ones. Cabin Air Filters should be regularly replaced as part of the comprehensive maintenance program.

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