BMW Facing Troubling Unknown Vibration Issue Expertly Resolved by Revol BMW Specialist


Does your BMW face vibrations or shuddering felt throughout the car, especially during acceleration or when shifting gears, clunking or knocking sounds coming from under the car, and difficulty shifting gears smoothly?

If you are, chances of your car having a worn long shaft mounting is possible if your tyres are all in good condition.

When badly worn, the car owner will have difficulty steering or lose control of the vehicle. 

In the worst case scenario, where the long shaft mounting is completely broken, the long shaft might break and can cause a sudden loss of power to the wheels, with the car may come to a stop or becoming difficult to move. This can be dangerous if it happens while the car is in motion, potentially causing a crash or leaving the driver stranded in an unsafe location. Additionally, a long broken shaft can cause damage to other components of the car’s drivetrain, leading to further repair costs. 

Hence it is important to have a long-worn shaft mounting replaced promptly to ensure the safety and reliability of the car, especially when your car mileage crosses 180km.

Let’s take a look at how our experience technician resolves Mr. Tan’s BMW 528i long shaft mounting issue.

Mr. Tan’s BMW 528 is experiencing vibrations, and he has visited Revol Carz Garage for assistance from our BMW specialist team!

Mr. Tan’s car is promptly lifted up for inspection.

Photo 1

Upon conducting a test drive with the owner, our experienced technician promptly hoisted up the car and identified an extremely worn long shaft mounting.

Photo 2

How stark is the difference between the badly worn long shaft mounting and the new one?

The location where the long shaft mounting is connected from the gearbox to helps to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels

The BMW long shaft is a component that connects the transmission to the rear differential, and the long shaft mounting is attached to it.

We are delighted to have resolved the troubling unknown vibration issue in Mr. Tan’s BMW and returned it to him, along with a complimentary car wash and vacuum.

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