BMW i8 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Hi Everyone, One of the most anticipated car have finally arrived Revol Carz Makeover workshop for the ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection coating – the BMW i8! The new BMW i8, an athletic sports car for the future, is now, a Hot Talk topic of the Town.  It is even the Talk of the Motoring Worldsince its launch. The presence of the BMW i8 at our Revol Carz Makeover workshop today attracted a curious crowd to our premises, eager to take a closer look at the futuristic sports car that we had groomed and treated with special coatings of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection.

The BMW i8 is a powerful plug-in hybrid system of BMW eDrive Technology that has a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and the combination of a BMW Twin-power Turbo 1.5 litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine with fuel efficiency of 2.1 liter/100km. It uses a high torque electrical motor at the front axle and turbo engine at the rear via the six-speed Steptronic transmission.

The supercar can unleash power from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km/h.  In the all electric mode, the BMW i8 can reach a top speed of 120 km/h. Hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!


The BMW i8 aerodynamic silhouette accomplished the vision of a powerful sports car of the future.


The BMW i8 spectacular scissor doors swing upwards when opened


The Air Curtains, striking U-shape LED headlights project the I8 an undeniably a thorough bred sports car.


The LED headlight has a BMWi U-shaped frame


Discover the sports car of the future – the BMW i8.  The dynamic “Black Belt band” in high gloss, streams from a V-shape on the bonnet, over the roof and to the rear.


Unmistakenable BMW i8 badge with the surrounding blue accent


The close and flat radiator grille outlined in blue and the BMWi highlights is signature mark of the BMW family.


BMW i8 Automatic folding mirrors


The uncluttered interior conveys the feeling of the future of sporting mobility


BMW i8 Blue accents on the seatbelt straps, the double stitching on the seats and floor mats create an exquisite sporty atmosphere


The interior, enhanced by the use of light-hued materials underlined all round sportiness of the BMW i8


The two digital displays in the i8 convey a lot of information, including speed, fuel range, batteries level and mpg. Flicking the gear lever to the left, you get a rev counter in the engaged Sport mode

I8 (12)

The two instrument digital displays show the speedometer in digital format on the left.  On the right is the Power meter informs the performance of the BMW eDrive Powertrain


In the middle of the dashboard is an 8.8 inch Control Display which features the Navigation System Professional.  With the Driving Assistant option, the system has a large number of camera based supports


The refined gearshift lever with high-strength, black scratch resistant zirconium-oxide ceramic adds a premium feeling to the interior


BMW Touch iDrive Controller is conveniently located on the centre of the console

I8 (18)

The BMW i8 shark fin antenna


The rear view of BMW i8 is just as striking, streamlined, aerodynamic shape


Seems a pretty aggressive and cool face in our own opinion.


The wheels are 20 inch BMWi LT/Aly W-spoke 470 mixed tyres. The BMW i8 is truly a brilliant innovation and design for the future. And the Revol’s ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection unique formula too, is today’s innovation for tomorrow’s demand. And finally the most reluctantly moment have finally arrived………..



The BMW i8 Key  returned to its owner. Thank you for reading!