PORSCHE 911 CARRERA COUPE PDK: Ceramic Coating Protection

A hot PORSCHE 911 CARRERA COUPE PDK demands nothing less than a professional repainting job and Revol Carz Makeover ticks all the right boxes. Our expertise requires a high level of perfectionism to produce the finest glossy paint-job without the slightest blemish underneath. The entry-level 911 gets a smaller but more powerful and efficient twin-turbo 3.0-litre flat-six engine that packs a serious punch. Teamed with a PDK (Porsche Double Klutch), it hits the optimum century sprint from standstill in lightning-fast 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 306km/h. The Carrera PDK is wondrous beauty on the outside with its wide stance on 20-inch wheels. In the front, there are active air intake flaps that close when you are driving for aerodynamics but will open if the engine needs assistance cooling. On the inside, there is everything you would expect of a Porsche. When you get behind the wheel, there are many buttons that make you feel you are in a cockpit of a jet. The perfect repainting job deserves the very best protection of the proven, multiple award-winning, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. Maintenance is easy and minimal after the coating is fully cured. Please check out our photo galleries below and see the breathtaking “before” and “after” transformation works on the Carrera PDK Revol Carz Makeover. We hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!

The Porsche 911 Carrera PDK arrives at Revol Carz Makeover with subtle paintwork scratches.
The clear coat is starting to fade and the surface losing its shine.
Rearview of the Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe PDK shows some scratches and soot-covered twin exhausts.
The breathtaking repainting finish work on the Carrera PDK looks even sleeker than before. The deep, wet-look gloss is enhanced with the long-lasting, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating.
Panel gaps and paint finish are flawless.
The iconic Carrera PDK headlamps are passionately polished manually for the stunning crystal clear and aggressive looks.
An ultra-clean rear engine bay is the sheer pride of our detailing gurus.
Our detailers ensure that every inch of the interior is perfectly cleaned, freshened and deodorized. All leather surfaces are treated with non-harsh cleaners and eco-friendly leather-care products.
The wing mirrors in the “before” condition.
Be amazed by the jaw-dropping difference after the makeover. The finishing gleams like a diamond.
With the protective 9H hardness shield of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating, finger-nail scratches around the door handles is a thing of the past.
The Porsche 911 Carrera PDK looks even more stunning from the rearview. Our repainting expertise coupled with the renowned ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating truly sets its marks.
The soot laden exhaust pipe before cleaning and polishing.
After cleaning and polishing, the exhaust tailpipe looks like new again.
All wheels will be dismantled for total cleaning and refurbishing.
All the wheels and tires looked fit for the showroom after our Midas touch.

Impressed by the stunning outcome of the makeover? Your car too can enjoy the reliable, long lasting surface protection. You can count on our multiple award-winning and proven, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. Yes, imagine what we can do for your car! Revol Carz Makeover is your right choice. Visit us to know more about our affordable and transparent services. With the proven coating of the Eco-friendly ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating, we guarantee your car’s paintwork gets unparalleled protection with the guaranteed showroom shine throughout your ownership. Maintenance after the coating is minimal. Thank you for reading!