FERRARI 458 SPIDER 4.5L Modification With Ceramic Coating

The new 2018 Ferrari 458 Spider,(first unveiled at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show), made its tumultuous presence at Revol Carz Makeover Workshop recently. With the eco-friendly, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating, we have passionately transformed the beguiling Spider to a head-turning, wondrous, ravishing beauty. Despite years of tradition, Ferrari decided to make the roof not of cloth, but aluminum, which folds into a special compartment behind the seats in 14 seconds. The aluminum roof actually weighs 40kg less than a traditional hard top and 25kg less than a fabric version. With an open-air experience, the Spider now allows the drivers to feel the wind rip through their hair and drive up their adrenaline with an overwhelming scream of the exhausts beckon off into the distance. There aren’t many sport-cars that could even touch the Ferrari 458 Spider when it comes to speed. Under the hood, the “monster” 4.5-liters, twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces 570hp, 540Nm torque. Featuring direct fuel injection, paired with the innovative F1-inspired suspension and seven-speed dual clutch, these make the Spider absolute best and certainly fastest sports car on the road today. Mechanically on par with the Italia cousin, the 458 Spider is able to accelerate to100 km/h in under 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/h. We posted the pictures below to accentuate the expertise of Revol’s workmanship and reveal the amazing effects of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating that transformed the Ferrari 458 Spider to a flawless showroom condition. Be amazed! We hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!

There aren’t many sport-cars that could even touch the Ferrari 458 Spider when it comes to speed. Also, there aren’t many other paint products that can match ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating when it comes to long-term exterior protection for all to see.
The 458 gets advanced aerodynamic features, including a flap ahead of the front fascia’s Ferrari logo that sends air under the car to create more rear down force at high speed.
Polishing the headlights manually to crystal clear finish is the reward for our detailers.
Driven by passion, the 4.5-liters, twin-turbocharged V8 engine is superbly cleaned and polished.
The 458 Spider places the driver perfectly at the heart of the machine. A meticulously clean cockpit means you can engage in the race confidently on the road.
Revol’s professional detailers are proud to hand over an ultra-clean interior. The Tunnel Console is absolutely dust-free, the leather upholstery cleaned, polished and nourished right down to the smallest detail.
Many controls in the 2018 Ferrari 458 are relocated to the steering wheel.
The main instruments and multi-media are at either side of the main display with the rev counter to the forefront – are now easier to use feel fabulously after detailing.
The stunning glass-like hardness and deep shine after ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating is fully cured.
Now you see. Now you don’t! The innovative retractable hard top was the key to the styling of the 458 Spider’s exterior. Look at how the Spider shines with the coat of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection!
The rear diffuser with variable flaps and the brilliantly elegant blown spoiler facilitates maximum down force.
The three-tip central exhaust is cleaned and polished and fully restored.
Ferrari 458 Spider’s 20-inch wheels were removed for cleaning, polishing and total restoration to look like brand new again.

If Revol’s makeover of the Ferrari 458 Spider impressed you, wait till you see what ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating can do for your car too. Revol Carz Makeover is your right choice. Visit us to know more about our affordable and transparent services. With the proven coating of the Eco-friendly ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating, we guarantee your car’s paintwork gets unparalleled protection with the guaranteed showroom shine throughout your ownership. Maintenance after the coating is minimal. Thank you for reading!