Car Servicing Testimonials – Mr. Loy’s BMW 318i

Mr. Loy gave the Revol Carz a wonderful car servicing testimonials regarding the results of his fully restored and pampered BMW 318i.

“Dear Gavin and Randy,

Having recently received your invaluable support in a difficult time, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for the help rendered.

As you know, we were traveling on the highway, when suddenly, a Malaysian-plated motorcycle collided with the side of my car, its side handle scratching off the paintwork from the rear door to the front door, knocking off the passenger side mirror in the process, and in the process denting the framework of the front of my car.

My family and I were placed in a troublesome position because the motorcyclist and his motorcycle were of Malaysian origin, and it was highly improbable that we would be successful in claiming the third-party insurance to cover the damages incurred from the accident. Moreover, we thought it unlikely that any workshop would willing to extend a helping hand to navigate us through the complicated process to have a successful third-party claim.

Most fortunately, we were informed of the services of Revol Carz Garage via Mr. Gavin as well as your website, and got in touch with Mr. Randy, knowing that perhaps, through professional assistance, the insurance claim would be settled eventually. As we were delighted to know, not only were the administrative and legal matters finalized thanks to your expertise, you also helped us through the reapplication of the paintwork of the damaged side of my car in the process of its repair.

We were in a state of frustration and unease because of the complications of the insurance process, but your timely service was able to help us to resolve the situation and give us the peace of mind, knowing that everything would be fine. Once again, we very much appreciate the support given to us.”

Yours Sincerely,

The BMW 318i is restored to its original showroom condition with minimum down time.

Our customer, Mr. Loy beaming with joy as he poses with his fully restored BMW 318i and his successful motor insurance claim against a Malaysian vehicle.

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