Unusual Noises from BMW 523i Engine Fully Resolved with Deft Expertise of Revol Carz Garage Specialist


With the ever-increasing COE prices in Singapore, many car owners are choosing to keep their vehicles longer rather than upgrade to a new one.

Regular maintenance, including timing chain replacement, is crucial for the longevity and reliability of these older vehicles and can help prevent costly repairs down the line.

At Revol Carz Garage, we are dedicated to providing top-notch car servicing and repairs, helping car owners to keep their beloved vehicles running at their best for years to come.

When a BMW crosses 200000km and renews the COE, it is always highly recommended to replace the timing chain to prevent costly repair to the engine.

The timing chain is a crucial component in the BMW 523i engine that synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft rotation. Over time, the timing chain can stretch, become loose or even break, causing catastrophic engine failure. Symptoms of a failing timing chain include rough idling, engine misfires, and metal-to-metal noises coming from the engine

At Revol Carz Garage, we recommend regular inspections of the timing chain and replacing it every around latest 200000 kilometres or when signs of wear and tear are detected. Our experienced BMW technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to diagnose and replace the timing chain accurately

Replacing the timing chain involves removing the engine cover, intake manifold, and other components to access the timing chain. The old chain is removed, and the new one is installed with the proper timing alignment. We also replace the timing chain guides, tensioners, and other related components to ensure optimal performance and longevity

Mr. Boo arrived at Revol Carz Garage today seeking assistance with his BMW 523i, reporting difficulties starting the car in the morning and unusual noises emanating from the engine

Mr. Boo’s car is being prepared for a timing chain replacement to ensure smooth and efficient engine performance.

The timing rail plate and rail guide can also experience damage due to the heat generated by the engine, which can result in them breaking off. To properly address these issues, replacing the timing chain, timing rail plate, and rail guide is recommended to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the engine in your BMW.

Can you spot the difference in colour between the new and used items?

To ensure the longevity and reliability of your BMW 523i, it is recommended to have the timing chain and tensioner replaced at or before 200,000km mileage

If you own a BMW 523i, chances are you’ve had to replace the timing gear due to issues with the original aluminium screw. However, there is good news – the updated version is now made with metal and has been proven to be much more durable, meaning it should last you a much longer time without any issues

A new timing gear pulley is an essential part of the timing chain replacement process as it ensures the best possible results for the vehicle

By providing top-notch service and expertise, we’re proud to help Mr. Boo confidently enjoy driving his BMW 523i for many years after renewing his COE

At Revol Carz Garage, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and value. We take pride in our work and stand behind every repair we make. Once you experience the quality of our service, you will be a customer for life.

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