BMW 520i with Paintwork Blemishes Beautifully Restored to Mint Condition

BEFORE:  Paintwork blemishes have ruined the beauty of this BMW 5 series

AFTER:  The BMW 5 series has been stunningly restored to mint condition.

Preparatory works are done before the master-class spray painting. 

For a professional finish and ensuring a lasting result, putty is applied.

After putty, repeated sanding is done until the surface is perfectly smoothened and levelled.  

Once done, the car is all set for a master class spray painting.

Before spray painting begins, all non-painted areas are masked to ensure paint particles do not get to unwanted area.

Once the paint is fully cured, our specialist checks the newly painted surface for any blemish such as trapped dust particles and does the necessary touch-up.

For a more professional finish, multiple rounds of skillful polishing is done until we bring forth the ultimate mirror finish.

The master class spray-painting job is incomplete without a good car wash with vacuum before handing over the car back to owner.

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