Revol Delivers the Highest Level of Restored Finish that Looks like Showroom New

No honour earned for these unwanted stripes.

Revol delivers the highest level of restored finish that looks like showroom new.

The rear door got dented and needed to be knocked back by our Master-skilled panel beater for professional results.

Once the dent has been repaired, multiple rounds of careful grinding is done to reach the optimum surface level so that minimal putty is used. 

Our professional restorer displays his skills at attaining the original profile and curve of the panel. 

After putty, the next process is repeated wet sanding with constant ‘feel-of-touch’ for a completely levelled and smooth finish.

Our Skilled Spray Painter applies layers of paint before applying the clear coat finish followed by the oven bake process.

  Finishing touches before handing it over to our customer.

We put an extra effort in the final polishing to make it mirror-shine.

After the whole spray painting job, we make sure to give a refreshing car wash and vacuum before returning to our valued customer.

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