Massive Dented BMW 520i Flawlessly Restored to like New by Revol Experts

This handsome BMW 5 series got itself a massive dent whilst negotiating a tight corner.


Hold your breath!   See how we restored back the dented panel back to its former glory….like there is no trace at all!

Let’s go check out our art of restoration process.


The damaged panel is meticulously knocked back to its original shape .


It takes many years of experience to restore the original curve to perfection.  


Many hours of laborious repeated wet sanding with constant ‘feel-of-touch’ is the protocol to achieve the ultimate surface smoothness.


Our Master Class Spray painter is focused on giving an equal tone is our painting protocol. 


After the oven-baked process, it is our standard protocol to touch-up the surfaces with any subtle minute impurities like dust particles until reaching absolute perfection.  


To reach the unequivocal level of mirror-like-finish, multiple rounds of polishing is done.


The BMW 5 series is restored to its former glory with a complementary carwash and vacuuming.  

We can transform your car beyond your expectations too!

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