Revol Volkswagen Specialist Professionally Resolve VW Passat Engine Vibration Issues

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Mr. Chong sought assistance from Revol Carz Garage due to his Volkswagen Passat, engine vibration issues.

Our Volkswagen specialist team conducted a thorough diagnostic scan, along with an engine compression test, which confirmed an issue with cylinder 4

This is what it looks like when the engine is being extracted from the engine bay

Before we can proceed with the engine overhaul to replace the engine piston, we disassemble the engine further.

A brief inspection of the engine components that require replacement.

A cursory inspection as we reassemble the engine components.

We are delighted to return Mr. Chong’s Volkswagen Passat, now free from any engine vibrations, equipped with a brand-new engine that comes with a guarantee to provide reliable service for many years to come

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