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Car Servicing Testimonials: Car repair issues- engine oil

“First and foremost, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Revol Carz Garage for resolving my car repair issues promptly and efficiently. I had been troubled by my car’s unusual high consumption of engine oil and gearbox fluid leaking issues and was searching for a reliable workshop to fix them. By words of recommendation, […]

Car Servicing Testimonials: BMW E60 Leakage Repairs

“My BMW E60 had baffled me with unusually high engine oil and coolant consumption for some time until Revol Carz Garage nailed the nagging problems eventually. Kudos to Gavin and his team for their expertise! Prior to discovering Revol Carz Garage, my car needed frequent topping up of coolant and was also thirsty for engine […]

Mr. Zanly’s BMW Car Servicing Testimonials

Mr. Zanly’s BMW Car Servicing Testimonials. “I would like to express my appreciation for the effort to Gavin and his team at Revol Car Garage Repair Services in resolving my car’s issues. What seemed to me as a very tedious and difficult problem to solve was professionally dealt with by your team. I would like […]

Car Servicing Testimonials: BMW 5 Series Engine Oil Loss

Our BMW experts solve your car issues accurately with minimal downtime. Thank you Mr. Chong for your testimonial! “Revol Carz Garage is by far the best car garage that I have encounter for car repair. They have solved my engine oil disappearing issue with the most reasonable rates. Having the frustration of topping up frequently […]

Oil leakage of BMW fixed at A Only Fraction Of The Cost

Mystery solved. Kenny’s BMW mysterious oil leakage is fixed at only a fraction of the cost. “I had been stressed by the high engine oil consumption for a long time. My previous workshop advised that the engine top overhaul was the only solution to the issue. I called Gavin of Revol Carz Garage to seek […]