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Mercedes Benz Case Study 8: Pulley belt replaced in E200

Mr. Addis’ Mercedes Benz E200 had an engine overheat issue. We advised him not to drive but let us tow in the car to our workshop for investigation urgently. Driving the car in an overheating condition may cause irreversible damage to the engine. Most might address the issue as a fault in the coolant pump […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 7: C180 With Engine Oil Leak Traces​

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 7 Mercedes-Benz CS 7 addresses how Revol Carz Garaged fixed the issue with the Mercedes C180 issue. The driver, Mr. William complained of noticing an oil patch under the car when parked for a period of time. Our Mercedes Specialist went into action to trace the source of the oil leak. Mercedes-Benz […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 6: Mercedes E200 Battery Light Issue​

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 6 Mercedes-Benz CS 6 will feature the battery light issue on Mr. Prakash’s Mercedes Benz E200. Revol Carz Garage does a job-well-done work again in fixing the issue. The “Battery Low” light is illuminated. Thankfully he arrived at our workshop for the battery replacement before it went flat.  Mercedes-Benz CS 6: We […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 5: E250 Strong Petrol Smell Within Car

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 5 For this Mercedes-Benz CS 5, we will feature the resolution on the strong smell within the car of a Mercedes E250. This Mercedes E250 is owned by Mr. Wee. He checked in our workshop to complain of a heavy petrol odor whilst driving. Mercedes-Benz CS 5: Our Mercedes Benz Specialist Team […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 4: Fixing S300 Disturbing Loud Noise On The Front

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 4 Mercedes-Benz C4 will feature how the Revol Carz Garage fixed the disturbing loud noise on the front of Mr. David’s Mercedes S300. The driver of a Mercedes Benz S300, Mr. David was referred to us by his friend, Angie. Mr. David has sent his car to other workshops without successfully addressing […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 3: E200 For Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 3 For this Mercedes-Benz CS 3, our customer, Mr. Goh entrusts us with his beautiful Mercedes Benz E200 for a major engine oil change service that includes rear brake pad replacement. Our car servicing protocol includes lifting up the car for undercarriage inspection for a safer drive. The brake pads (right) are […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 2: AMG GT Coolant Contaminated Engine Oil

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 2 For this Mercedes-Benz CS 2, we will feature our regular customer, Mr. Li’s Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Revol Carz Garage will address the issue of loss of power in the engine. The car is lifted for 360 degree undercarriage safety check. We found the coolant has contaminated the engine oil due […]

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 1: Mercedes S300 Gearbox Overhauled

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 1 Mercedes-Benz CS: Mercedes S300 for 2nd Opinion of A Gearbox Issue. This Mercedes-Benz CS 1 is about Mr. Tang’s Mercedes S300 gearbox issue. If you see warning lights illuminated on your instrument cluster when you turn the engine on, they are there for a reason. To draw your attention to an […]

BMW Case Study 28 – BMW 5 Series With Engine Oil Disappearing Issue

BMW CS 28 – BMW 5 Series With Engine Oil Disappearing Issue. This case study is about Mr.Chong, the sole owner of the BMW E60 – 5 Series. “…Revol Carz Garage is by far the best car garage that I have encounter for car repair. They have solved my engine oil disappearing issue with the […]

BMW Case Study 27: BMW E60 High Engine Oil Fixed In A Day

“…I have been a car owner for many years and have been to lots of car repair workshops. After visiting Revol Carz Garage for my car repair needs, they simply changed my typical view of a car workshop.Normally I would be faced by workshop owners or manager or even mechanic with an attitude and highly […]

BMW Case Study 26: BMW E90 High Engine Oil Consumption

“…I had been stressed by the high engine oil consumption for a long time. My previous workshop advised that engine top overhaul was the only solution to the issue.I called Gavin of Revol Carz Garage to seek his advice and quotation. He advised me to send in my car to confirm the issue first. I […]

BMW Case Study 25: 520i EKPM Fuel Pump Control Module issue

A BMW 520i showed up being towed to Revol Carz Garage for not able to start. We take holistic diagnosis of the issue and confirm it is the EKPM (Fuel Control Pump Module) failure.The valve cover gasket is being checked for leaks.Some leakage occurred on the valve cover gasket.The new set of valve cover gasket […]

BMW Case Study 24: BMW 7 Series Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replaced

BMW CS24 – BMW 7 Series Replacement of Self-Levelling Air Suspension. This feature ensures the vehicle offers a consistent height and maximum comfort ride.Air suspensions, however, are subjected to wear and tear over the years. Some car owners may experience tilting or uneven level when the car is parked. Some totally worn out air suspension […]

BMW Case Study 23: BMW 320i Gearbox issue. Resolved In A Day

The BMW had to be towed to our workshop as its automatic gears were failed to engage. The transmission fault code is displayed. Replacement of the auto transmission sensor includes replacing the auto transmission fluid and filter. Resolving the gearbox issue promptly within the same day is as exhilarating for us as for the customer.

BMW Case Study 22: BMW X5 Damaged Circuit Board Modules

A BMW X5 arrived at Revol Carz Garage. The vehicle is lifted for repair works followed by thorough safety inspection. The inexperienced technician from other workshop failed to place back the protective cover properly. The carelessness caused rain water to seep in and damaged vital electronic components. Rain water flooded the battery compartment causing severe […]